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Leucothoe fontanesiana is known by a wide array of common names.Leucothoe fontanesiana is known by a wide array of common names.Depending on where you live it might be called a Rainbow Leucothoe, a Scarlet Fetterbush, Drooping Leucothoe,or my favorite plant name of all... the Mountain Doghobble!This 3-5 ft. plant is an easy to care for, slow growing, multi-stemmed evergreen shrub, with glossy 3-4" leaves.Mort the Garden Gnome The foliage is variegated in bright shades of green, pink, cream, and bronze.The thick leaves grow in pairs along 2 ft. drooping stems.The bronze coloring becomes much more pronounced in the fall.Beginning in late spring and continuing until mid-summer, drooping clusters of Pieris-like flowers appear along the the bottom of each branch.

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